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Updated: Mar 2, 2020

[Advisory: this blog post may not be suitable for readers under 13 years old]

The 2020 Super Bowl halftime show just made history. For the first time, children have shared the halftime stage with pole dancing female performers. Religious viewers are calling out the show for religious and even Satanic symbolism, and many are calling it an outrageous display of female sexuality serving as our savior. Some are protesting that this is a sick message for young viewers (even if they don’t understand). What I first want to say is, come on people, it’s the Super Bowl! I would not consider myself “religious”, but even I couldn’t help but like (most of) the performance, and I am a conservative woman. This is nothing new. The Super Bowl is a great big PARTY! For anyone who has studied media, its influence on the masses, and how over-sexualized the media has become, this show should be no shocker… This IS our new Religion.

Religious and ritual symbolism is everywhere in the media, and the Super Bowl is the biggest annual ritual event. Not to mention, the sports industry is notorious for sexually exploiting women, including many female athletes. The industry targets the male gaze. I have to laugh and ask, what were you expecting from two gorgeous Latinas, two of the hottest sex symbols in the music industry (and damn did they look awesome, with Jlo being 50, and Shakira 43)?

Both women have a long and proud history of embodying the Latina Diva role. It’s in their roots, hence the focus on Latin pride. What I see as the biggest problem is not the sexualized nature of the show, but the continual normalization of the exploitation of female (and male!) sexuality as our source of family entertainment. Sports and female sexuality are the new Deities that this religion worships. Did you notice the men in white and silver? Are they supposed to be angelic? I think not. What is bothersome, from a moral perspective, are the multiple instances of false divine symbols and most disturbingly of all, the spin-off of the beautiful symbolism from FROZEN II, the latest movie targeting young girls…

The man behind the curtain has a hidden agenda. I think the big question here is what does this symbolism mean and why does it overlap with the highest grossing animated children’s movie of all time?!!

Disney stopped producing the Super Bowl halftime show after year 2000 with MTV taking on the 2001 show. In 20 years, we have gone from the Walt Disney World Millennium Celebration with Phil Collins’ Two Worlds, to children invited on stage, Living It Up with erotic displays and pole dancing women [merging 2 worlds]. In just two decades the sexual nature of the show has risen to explicit proportions.


Here comes my controversial theory:

This is a ritual symbol of initiating children into the world of adult entertainment. And, this is dangerous. The line between child and adult entertainment has been blurred. There was no warning about any coming explicit nature that viewers would see in this show. Maybe the pastor from Ohio is right, and the Super Bowl should be sued… or is that too extreme?


There is a definite spinoff of key scenes and narratives from FROZEN II. There are two courageous women taking on adventure (the stage). Shakira begins in a red dress, seductive and tempted by her passions. Elsa is called into the unknown by a female voice (siren), giving in to temptation, both women feeding their hunger for passion/adventure….

And there’s more…

Elsa's ICE jacket, silver/white hair (hair is a spiritual antenna)

The 7 Chakras, flower of life (also represented by the lotus flower). The 7th is the "white chakra color (or purple), the crown chakra; it’s associated with the universal, connection with spirituality, and consciousness."

Elsa accomplished the activation of all 7 and into the 8th and 9th divine chakras. This show is NOT an example of divine consciousness, and yet the symbolism is there.

Sacred Geometry and the flower of life

GOLD and SILVER are the divine Chakras 8 and 9

There is talk that we are on an exponential curve - modernization and progress of globalization, technology, medicine and so on. So for media entertainment – what’s next, say in 20 years? Nude pole dancing, people getting-it-on on stage?! Activation of the chakras ends at the Sacral chakra here…………… this show does not exceed the primal.

"Elsa’s "show yourself" scene has nothing to do with her body (she soars above the pillars instead of dancing on them). It is her initiation into the spirit world and the divine"


If this is a comparison between the two female duos, it could be interpreted as a symbol of racial moral superiority. I believe this is the first instance of actual pole dancing during a half time show, and it was embraced by Latina artists. The show may also serve as a subtle hint at Latina sexuality displayed as Evil, and white women promoted as pure.

What we are seeing for sure is a duplicate duo in the year 20*20 - overlapping twin symbolism from two different lenses. The theme of FROZEN II is literally the merging of two worlds and a bridge between the two.


The fog is lifted, and the dam is broken.

We also see two third eyes (a 2020 lens?). Maybe this is signaling a coming year of massive exposure in hidden agendas and a reveal of the roots of our deceitful written history. The forged past we’ve been misled to believe is no longer secret (or is that wishful thinking?).

“The past is not what it seems” Grand Pabbie (FROZEN II)

Could it be the same creator behind the repeat message and symbolic references?

Shakira and Jlo have both been involved in kids movies (Shakira – Disney/JLo - Ice Age$Ants). Does that mean Disney is in cahoots with these overlapping themes?


What we need to look at is where the two worlds intersect. FROZEN II is a children’s movie. The Super Bowl half time show is sport’s entertainment. And now, with seductive women grinding, crotch grabbing, and pole dancing on stage, this might as well be considered adult entertainment (close enough!). I believe the symbolic link between FROZEN II and the halftime show is Jennifer Lopez’ daughter (Nothing against her, she’s adorable).

Mother-Daughter initiation, WHITE dress

The special guest who stole the show, eleven-year-old Emme Maribel Muñiz represents an initiation for adolescent girls and children to join the adult stage. Now what about the children in cages? Sources say this is Jlo’s reminder about immigrant kids in cages

“All I want my girls, the little girls on stage with me and all over the world to know is how to use their voices and be proud of everything they are,” she continued. “Other people can try to build walls, keep us out or put us in cages. We are proud to recognize that all of us together are what makes this beautiful country truly great. ✨❤️🤍💙.” -Jlo

While this may be Jlo’s interpretation, what I see is a symbolic reference to the initiation of children into the adult entertainment industry, and Jlo doing the Jesus pose on the strip pole as a direct reference to the desecration of the divine feminine (sexuality), mocking religion, and the crumbling of society’s moral thread. And as for women’s’ sexual liberation and revolution? Many do not condemn female sexuality, but maybe it should be celebrated more tastefully and not displayed, like a piece of meat, for the entire public to see, especially our children.

"All I’m saying is that if women are pole dancing on stage, it’s time to leave children out of the show. "

Is the Super Bowl no longer appropriate for children? I can’t easily find an actual age rating online but suggests 10 and up... This show is promoting adult entertainment, period, and this has been normalized for the music industry for years.


(Child trafficking under the guise of a political statement about freeing children from cages)

I’m not making any solid claims here, and I understand this is harsh, but viewers are urged to consider this mother-daughter initiation to be a hidden message to girls that female empowerment, freedom, and enlightenment happens through publicizing your sexuality, pole dancing, and spending hours a day (or a lifetime) obsessing over your physical beauty. The end goal seems to be to entertain male sexual desire and look like these divas at 45 years old.

FROZEN II’s message is the importance of self-love, integrity, doing the right thing, and selflessness. At the very least, I don’t think it's a stretch that the halftime show is designed to derail girls from the path to the divine, keeping them under the confines of the male gaze and the influence of the entertainment industry, which has a history of being rocky territory for women.

"Screw the journey to Ahtohallan (your inner sanctuary and connection to the divine) and just be sexy."

Devil’s Advocate: it’s only fair to also consider that Disney’s portrayal of the path to enlightenment is sugar coated and may serve as spiritual bypassing for children. That’s for another article…

While I’m not going to unpack every article that has gotten attention on the web regarding this matter, I do want to share an important message from a mother perspective.

OF COURSE the media has gone too far in throwing sexuality in our faces every chance it gets. This is old news, and there are many people who feel this way, and yet, what we see is simply a reflection of our society, and an accurate one, if I may say so. What it really comes down to is the dominion of choice. If you don’t like what you see, don’t expose your children to it, period. - Franklin Graham claims “our country has had a sense of moral decency on prime time television in order to protect children. We see that disappearing before our eyes,” (2020). - Scoot’s defense is that “as adults, we need to remember that children see the world through their eyes with their reference to life and not through our eyes as adults. So if you - the adult - don’t make a big deal about something, then kids will probably not even be curious” (2020). He also proceeds to argue:

“Every Super Bowl has included extravagant TV commercials that have used sex to attract attention. Sex and sexual innuendos are not new to prime-time television viewing. Much of the impact of sexuality in the mainstream media is not about the kids watching - it’s more about how the parents or the adults around the kids react to what they see” (2020) CHELSEA CORRINE brings up the growing number of viewer complaints and argues that “This isn't the exploitation of women. A grown woman is allowed to make the decision to dress and dance any way they please” (2020).


I agree with The Duck Straw’s tweet “Not what I want my daughter to aspire to” and “it was cheap, degrading and vulgar.” #HalftimeShow2020 (2020).

Rather than complaining about it though, I propose that we need to keep our children’s gaze on entertainment like FROZEN and other children’s movies and begin to ask ourselves as parents, should we continue to be participants in the over-sexualized rituals that are taking form right up on the screen in our own homes?

While I do not fully endorse all of Disney’s agenda (nor do I claim to know the full agenda, as Disney is an enormous media empire), the fact that this half time show came out just months after the release of FROZEN II, and there is repeat symbolism, from the movie, the connection is worth mentioning. Many children who viewed FROZEN II have now also seen the half time show. They have seen two beautiful women take the stage and let it go, and Jlo’s illustration of the angel of light (an obvious symbol of Jesus Christ on the cross) on a stripper pole. They have watched as these influential women promote an adult version of Let it Go, Into the Unknown, and Show Yourself.

"The line between child content and adult content has been blurred."

As we continue to ride up the exponential curve of advancement and progress, media and entertainment will only continue to get more realistic and more explicit. This show reflects the normalization of sexuality in the media and could serve to call in the bate – wheeling children into the unavoidable adult territory that has become a cornerstone of a corrupt entertainment industry. There is a bridge to the spirit world in FROZEN II, and such mature themes taking place in, what used to be, a family friendly Sports event has become a very dangerous bridge for young viewers.

Questions we need to ask are:


What is Disney’s role in all of this?

Where the north wind meets the sea

There's a river full of memory

Sleep, my darling, safe and sound

For in this river all is found

We are supposed to shield children from seeing too much, right? It is true, children see the world with innocent eyes and do not pick up on the same messages put out there for adults as they do the messages that are for them, but how women (and sexuality) are being portrayed in the media is a hot topic, and no one is immune from the influence that these images have on our perceptions and even our sub-conscious. On the surface, viewers think this issue is about female sexuality, but when you go beneath the tip of the iceberg, what is really at stake here is the symbol of divine consciousness, which is often portrayed as feminine. The feminine is being confused with the sexual.

"What we are witnessing is the outright desecration of the divine feminine, and it is being normalized by the biggest media giants. "


Why would those in power put the most obvious coded messages right in kid’s movies? As we mature, we lose our ability to see the world through innocent eyes. Culture, programming, and social constructions shape our beliefs, leaving fantasy and magic to fade away into the darkness. We are asleep, and our connection to magic and remembrance of our greater purpose is FROZEN.

Children’s perceptions remain unveiled and un-shielded. They are open. Without the ability to be vulnerable and soft, the viewer will never have the proper lens to “see’ the coded messages that are placed there for us. They will turn a blind eye to the screen when it’s most important to watch.

Disney does receive a lot of criticism in response to their messages of unrealistic “happily ever afters,” traditional gender roles, racial stereotypes, and several other cultural and historical themes that are presented through influential entertainment. Between Disney’s possessive stronghold on all material and aspects of the Disney empire, and the DANGER zone of discussing mature themes in a space that attracts children, viewers’ are cornered into needing to be politically correct, being careful not to bring up touchy subjects that are too easy for children to find. This places EXTREME limitations on how far down the rabbit hole one can go when even talking about the hot topics we see in Disney movies.

"You can’t bring up adult content in the presence of children, right?! This is why the deeper meaning about our world is more clearly revealed in kid’s movies. It is concealed within the labyrinth of metaphors and sugar coated symbolism that Disney OWNS."

Rather than complaining about it though, I propose that we need to keep our children’s gaze on entertainment like FROZEN and other children’s movies and begin to ask ourselves as parents, should we continue to be participants in the oversexualized rituals that are taking form right up on the screen in our own homes?

When the content gets too cheesy, soft, or innocent, many adults also tune out and miss the gold. It is not going to be through adult movies, that hidden knowledge, in its purist form, will be given, it is going to be through the kids’ movies. Open your eyes! You have to be able to see the world through the eyes of a child in order to properly mine for gold. If you remain asleep, the underground agenda will remain deeply buried in the fantasy abyss, and the mass media lies will continue to lead one astray (including Disney). It now becomes clear, more than ever, the importance of the inner child - the child and the mother - an ongoing theme in Disney. What better place to plant the hidden seeds of knowledge and history (albeit in code) than in plain sight where we are dissuaded from going.

Might we, first, need to open our eyes, find our inner child, and then look at the codes? It is only once I truly embodied Elsa’s role and message that I was able to see the FROZEN movies and stories through her eyes, and I could spot the golden seeds that are so neatly planted there. This is how I spotted the repeat symbolism in the halftime show!

What we have seen with this duplicate duo is the colliding of two worlds, and I foresee this theme of merging worlds hitting humanity like a giant wave. The flood gates are bursting open and a bridge is forming. From a New Age perspective (woo woo if you wish), we have approaching Pisces in the cosmos. Duality, splits, merges, and doubles are the name of the game. Seeing repeat symbolism, in this case, may be corrupt, but the most important thing of all is to actually look at what the symbolism is telling us.

I will end with a few more questions:

  • What does the bridge/merge mean?

  • Is Disney a good guy, bad guy, or both?

The path towards enlightenment is not happily ever after, and certainly isn’t as easy as letting your hair down and declaring how awesome you are. The path requires braving the storm, seeing what’s in the dark with eyes wide open, tremendous amounts of self-work, and losing your self-importance in the process. As for me, I want my children to choose the REAL bridge to Ahtohallan rather than be led astray by the corrupt entertainment industry.

"Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve."

-2 Corinthians [11:14/15]


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