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Updated: Feb 5, 2020

I HEAR the voice. I hear the same voice that Elsa hears. Now, I’m not saying that I hear voices in my head. I feel the calling, the calling to go into the unknown and find out what would happen if I share, with the world, what I believe to be the most important symbolism and insight in relation to ANY movie in history. My goal is not to make claims, state facts, or preach my beliefs in order to change yours. I am going share ideas and theories and leave you with questions to ponder.

I am here because I recognize that movies, the FROZEN movies in particular, are not just for our entertainment, but have opened up a space for public discussion, regarding the most important topics of our time!

FROZEN is just a kid’s movie… NOT!

There are very deep and mature themes that not all viewers notice, but today, I am going to bring into the light an undercurrent of messages, meaning, symbolism, theories, and questions that are the cornerstone of where we are in history. I am going to DE-CODE FROZEN.

Focusing on FROZEN II, my goal here is that you will listen with an open mind and leave being able to see just how HUGE this movie and its’ message really is.



There is an undeniable connection between my life and the events that take place in the FROZEN movies, especially… a connection to Elsa’s journey. It is as if Disney created a fantasy twin soul, for me to recognize myself in, up on the big screen. It may be that many others make their own connections and parallels to characters in Movies, but in my case, I have discovered a remarkable emotional and spiritual connection to Elsa that exists deep within the karmic imprint of my soul. As my life continues to unfold, and I venture deeper into the milestones and challenges that come with coming of age, womanhood, marriage, personal growth, spirituality, illness, and now motherhood, I am seeing and feeling, what appears to be a reflection of myself in Elsa. I hear a message crying out to me from the FROZEN world, and even if it sounds crazy, I am seeing myself and the world through Elsa’s eyes.

In a karmic way, I AM ELSA.

We can call it seeing through an “Elsa lens.” Many people have told me that I think too much. Instead of taking these comments as an insult, I decided to “think too much” and create this entire project! I have decided to follow the calling and call this insight and message I feel so compelled to share:



I began this project of decoding FROZEN five years ago after seeing the first FROZEN movie. I had been recovering from an illness that plagued me for 20 years and was still hanging on to the trauma that had ensued, from having to live with a chronic disease, my whole life. Even though I had been in remission for four years, I was still emotionally wounded from having Lyme Disease. I needed to “Let it go,” and seeing Elsa do just that sent a wave of healing inspiration surging through my veins.

The same way Elsa felt a strong calling to follow a voice and venture into the unknown, I believe I have been gifted the opportunity to share remarkable meaning and deep insight that I, personally, have uncovered in this KID’S movie. I am asking for your time to listen and to learn.

Someone has to come forward and bring these conversation topics up.

It might as well be me.


“Lyme disease is a bacterial infection caused by several members of the Borrelia complex and is transmitted by the bite of an infected tick. It is the fastest growing vector-borne illness in the US” ( It affects the patient in a multitude of ways, attacking the central nervous system. If not properly treated, it can be extremely disabling and can continue to plague the host for a life ti



Elsa had to hide her true self and suppress her powers. Like, Elsa, a part of me had been kept in the dark throughout my entire youth. Lyme Disease not only affected my body, weakening my muscles, but also messed up my nerves to the point where every day left me in a state of hyper-nervousness and tension. Compare it to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, where every-day stress put my body into a state of fight or flight:

heavy sweating, increased heart rate, shaking, sweaty hands, and brain fog. This nervous paralysis would sometimes render me speechless or cause me to stutter or speak with dyslexic tendencies. Like Elsa, I was socially awkward and timid, and was also emotionally explosive, having dynamic outbursts, exacerbated by my body’s inability to cope with stress and anxiety. Adrenal fatigue was a regular part of my day to day life.

Consider a computer that is experiencing system overload, and it begins to freeze, glitch and malfunction. This is what would happen to my brain and my nerves: cognitive and system overload. This would make it hard to control my thoughts, my speech and my body. What made this disability so challenging was that on the inside, I was normal: a high functioning, intelligent and ambitious human being, but my disease prevented me from being who I really wanted to be. I had to hold myself back. I was embarrassed and felt that my behavior did not reflect who I really was, so I often avoided social situations that would cause nervousness.

I did not feel that my condition was an accurate reflection of my inner greatness. I hid part of myself from the world.

Elsa was locked up in her room, isolated from society and even her sister, for fear that her powers were dangerous. She was raised to believe that what made her different was a burden, a curse, something to be ashamed of, and even afraid of. In the same way that she was told to “conceal, don't feel, don't let them know,” I also felt that I needed to hide my condition, for fear that I would be harassed, bullied or simply not accepted. I spent the majority of my time holding it all inside, and exercising great control over my motor skills, so as to not give away my disability. I wanted people to think I was normal, so I put on a mask of normalcy, and did my best to hide what made me different.


"Yes, she will sing to those who'll hear

And in her song, all magic flows"

Elsa’s most transforming moments, in both FROZEN and FROZEN II, took place when she was alone.

For me, I also used solitude as a sanctuary. Music was an outlet for my soul, a space where I could fully express myself and show my inner greatness. I began composing music at age eleven, and at age thirteen, at my home town theater, I performed an original solo, with my middle school chorus as a backup choir. After composing a song for my school’s rendition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and completing my first album, I knew that music would always be tied to my life work.

Singing comes from the soul, and the power of the human voice connects us to our inner source and to the divine.

While I am socially timid and at times shy, like Elsa, when I follow my passion, I am filled with courage. Throughout my life, I also always experienced a calling to the outdoors, especially the North. Connection to nature was always essential to my ability to thrive, providing me with a space to connect to the Earth, the mother.

Solitude, nature, and music inspired my intuition and granted me access to my higher self.

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